Premium In House Genetics

Our premium genetics place flavor as our top priority. We have searched for the strains that are have the most flavor and provide the best overall experience while smoking. 

Panda Puff

Panda Puff is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that was crafted by crossing Preanut Butter Breath x Acai Gelato. This hybrid strain has strong hints of grape jelly, with lesser hints of licorice and gelato terpenes.

Petrol Rainbow

Petrol Rainbow is a Indica Dominant Hybrid and has inherited traits from Jet Fuel Gelato x Sour Gelato. The terpenes of this are the nastiest, most putrid, gassiest smell ever, and for this phenotype we nicknamed it the Dirty Diaper Pheno. This Pungent Indica leaning strain cannot be contained and will stink up the entire room when you open it. 

Quarantine Kush

Quarantine Kush is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid that inherits genetic traits from Sour Kush x Chem 4 which gives it a strong Chem smell. The other terpenes in this strain give off a strong gas smell.

Russian Crème

Russian Crème is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that inherits genetic traits from Hardcore OG x Acai Gelato. These two strains combine to give off a heavy dose of that Acai Gelato terp smell as well as hints of the OG.

Strawberry Banana Cookies

This Indica Dominant Hybrid strain made up of Strawberry Banana x Forum Cookies. This strain smells DELICIOUS. The terpenes generated from this cross gives the cannabis a strong Strawberry Banana candy smell, and also with strong hints of freshly baked Strawberry Cake.


Strawberry Slurpee

This Sativa Dominant Hybrid takes the genetics from Strawberry Banana x XJ-13 giving off one of the strongest strawberry smells. This strain gives off a beautiful blend of Strawnana and Haze scents that are unlike any other. Really does smell like a Strawberry Slurpee.

Sun Cake

This Indica Dominant Hybrid is made up of a cross between Sunset Sherbert x Wedding Cake. The combination of these two strains produces a set of terpenes that give off a strong Sherb scent with hints of freshly baked cake from the wedding cake.