Premium Cannabis Products

All of our premium cannabis products are crafted in small batches in Denver, Colorado. Slow cured, hand trimmed and packaged, and sealed for ultimate freshness and flavor. 

Malek's Premium Cannabis Products
Malek's Premium Cannabis Hand Rolls

Hand Rolls

Malek's Hand Rolls are rolled with 1.75 grams of our premium cannabis flower. No bud, no shake, and no trim—ever. They're hand rolled with water, no saliva, in a King Size Slim Blazy Susan rolling paper that's made right here in Denver, Colorado. Finished off with an organic, gluten-free noodle tip and skewered for better air flow, you'll get a great smoke and slower burn time. 

Pre-Packaged 1/8ths

Our eighths contain premium buds of our small-batch, indoor-grown cannabis. The flower is slow cured for taste, hand trimmed and packaged, then sealed for freshness and consistency.  Every step of the process was designed with flavor in mind.

Malek's Premium Cannabis Pre-Packaged Eighths

1 Gram Bud Cones

Coming soon! Our 1 gram cones contain our premium cannabis buds,  no trim or shake. Made to grab and go for a convenient smoke any time of day—without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Malek's Premium Cannabis